Redefine Victory – Adventure Awaits

You’re invited to set off on a journey of redefining victorious living!

But first, the introduction…

From a young age, I had a love for fire. No, I wasn’t a crazy pyromaniac kid (unless building a spud gun and shooting flames out of it counts…). My love for fire was more than just that, thankfully. Somewhere in that little girl, God put a relentless desire to see the nations lit on fire with His love and filled with His glorious presence.

This passion grew in my teen years, and I started a Christian dance school called Light a Fire Studio. My dream was to teach children ballet and lead teams of dancers around the world ministering and igniting passion for God. But after 5 years, I realized I wasn’t born to be a dance teacher and I found myself more interested in the difficult family situations my students faced their ability to do the splits. My heart was breaking for the divorced parents and the children struggling with anxiety and stress. So my vision of igniting the nations through dance teams shifted, and God sent me off on a journey of seeing His creation through His eyes.

My dream for travel unfolded in another way when my family began going to Israel, Europe and Africa to minister throughout my teen years. I saw many people in these widely different cultures united by the power of Jesus. Whether it was a Christian Arab weeping as he experienced God’s love or an Orthodox Jewish man celebrating that he had found Yeshua in the Old City of Jerusalem. An African chief’s mother on the edge of death getting completely healed in a mud hut or an Irishman pouring out his heart through worship in downtown Dublin. God opened my eyes to see it truly is “every nation and every tongue” in His Kingdom!

God also opened my heart to realize that there are so many people all over the world dealing with different situations, life experiences and environments, yet somehow God’s victorious Kingdom reality can be found everywhere! It isn’t dependent on some ideal earthly condition. His love is fearless and laughs at boxes humanity tries to put Him in. No matter the age, nation or situation, God alone has the power to transform a heart of stone into a home for a King.

A Bomb Shelter in S’derot

When I was about 15, my family travelled to S’derot, Israel to minister to the people traumatized by weekly and sometimes even daily rocket attacks. This town was 1,000 yards from Gaza! I had been to many places in Israel and never really felt that afraid, but that day I was terrified! Rockets could land in that town anytime and there were bomb shelters on every street, including every bus stop. S’derot is called the Bomb Shelter Capitol of the World. For real. You could feel the tension and uneasiness in the air, yet people were living their normal daily lives. It was surreal.

When we arrived in S’derot, we met our friend, Ye’shi (Jesse) Reinhardt, who leads an amazing ministry called Hands of Mercy. This ministry blesses the families of rocket victims. He brought us to different homes that had been affected by attacks. As my Mom played her harp and ministered God’s love and hope, I saw shattered hearts and minds receive peace and healing. Sometimes we think of God’s love as simply a spiritual matter, but that day His love was so tangible you could see its transforming power right in front of you.
Many lives had been touched that day, and we needed to leave the town before nightfall, but it was hard to say

My Mom playing her harp with the family’s kids

 no to blessing one more home. With Ye’shi’s strong urging we decided to make a final stop at the house of a large blended Jewish Orthodox family. They had a big tent for Sukkot set up out in front of their small homewith lights. Sukkot is the festival of tabernacles that happens in the fall in the Jewish calendar. This family had 12 kids and their lives had been severely traumatized by the rocket attacks. We talked and laughed and visited with them as if we were all just having a fun family visit. 
Near the end of our time, my Mom brought out her harp and played a spontaneous song of worship with them. We didn’t say the name of Jesus out loud during our visit there, but we ministered from His heart. After Mom finished playing, the family’s Dad with tears in his eyes said that one moment with us had brought a deeper impact of healing and hope than all the years of trauma counseling and therapy their family had gone through. I’ll never forget that experience and the humbling presence of God that came over us all. My family drove back to Jerusalem, and that day changed my life forever.

In a place where people were victims to daily attacks from the enemy, one family’s act of love, hope and unshakable victory from Jesus had changed everything. A Dad’s selfless act of bringing his wife and child to minister in the midst of a war zone broke down walls of terror. In the presence of fearless love, God transforms hearts and releases His Kingdom. This truth is the foundation for victory in God’s reality. It all begins and ends with relentless love.

Does this sound familiar? Thousands of years ago, I believe God looked down on his creation and decided it was time to do a fearless act of love, hope and unshakable victory for his war-ridden humanity. He could have been all professional about it and sent a king to sit on a throne and rule with law and order. But God in His perfect wisdom decided it was time to redefine what love looks like. It was time to redefine the reality of victorious living. It was time for His Son to be made known.

He redefined victory when He chose you.

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  1. Elizabeth Miller says:

    Looks great, Hannah. The text reads beautifully. Amazing that you located the photos. God is really with you. Also love the sparkler picture. : )

  2. Stanetta T. Stockholmw says:

    Wow, Hannah I remember when U guys got back from that trip,because you and your parents glowed with the Holy spirit. I remember telling your father that night you all came to fish fry, it was really cool lol

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