Redefine Victory – New Release!
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You were born to redefine victory in your world! 
Producers: Hannah Ruth, Becca Woods 
Videographers: Hai Nguyen, Luke Covert, Rachel Harrington
Editors: Hannah Ruth, Noah Giamei
Set Designer: Rachel Harrington
Featured: Zack Landis, Ben King, Bryan Wakeman, Dominique Rodriquez, Jonathan Jaramillo, Laura Lagunez, Luke Kutler
Awake Now
Come live in your identity in Christ! Take courage and walk in heaven on earth wherever you go!
God has chosen to make His home in us! What an incredible mystery. Glory has come down in the shape of a man! It was incredible to work with so many gifted people including feature vocalist, Nathan Horst from Life Center. 
Something Beautiful
This song reveals the joy and mystery of connecting with God. This is an invitation on a journey of friendship with the Father Himself.